Customer reach. 4 things you need to know to increase it


Congratulations! You own a company that produces or sells a great service or product.

So far business has gone well. Thanks to the mouth to mouth references from happy or satisfied customers, some random print advertisements and a few social media posts.  Probably you should think to yourself “hey, I made it”, however far from that you live in a continuous worry, looking to whether maintain sales or increase them (as if a certain level would ever suit you). And thats ok, you are an entrepreneur and it’s in your nature. So what then? How do you put your product or company out there? Thats the tricky part.

Well, for starters – and even though it might seem quite obvious – you need to know how to increase your customer reach. Assuming that you have already profiled your target clients, risking to generalize here a bit, hereby 4 things you need to know about your customer that will definitely help you deciding which channels and content will be the most efficient to reach out to them:

Your customer is mobile

We are able to go online whenever and wherever we want, as long as we have an internet connection. But how do you use mobile to efficiently affect your customer reach? Make sure you keep the 3 C´s in mind:

Context: create and launch relevant campaigns based on real-time customer needs. In other words: know your customer, when does he need what and make sure you are in the first row when he starts looking around.
Connection: stimulate long-term relationships by creating loyalty programs. Interact on a personal level with your customers and adapt your product or services to their needs.
Customization: show your customers you care by knowing at least their name.

Your customer looks for simplicity

Overloaded by information users tend to seek for and love simplicity. Apply the ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’  principle and make sure your message, product or service are free of clutter and excesses to increase the customer loyalty to your brand.

Your customer belongs to a social generation (everything is worth sharing)

We like it, we share it. We don’t like it, we share it as well. And we definitely must read what others have to say about a product or service before we buy it. In other words, the ‘mouth-to-mouth’ adapted to a new context which now results in something more like a ‘me to – world- to me’. How is this relevant for you and your company? Make sure your product, service and communication- or marketing campaign are aligned and respect your core company values. Don’t forget that lies have short legs and that social media can be a great asset but also your biggest challenge.

We like it, we share it. We don’t like it, we share it as well.

Your customer believes in values and valuable companies

With such a great offer/variety of products and services customers are becoming more and more agnostic and distrustful buyers. They aim for a balance between price, need and product ‘value’. That ‘value’ is essential to them. It is what your company stands for, its purpose, its ‘why’/reason of existence.

Add value to your products and/or services and you will build stronger relationships with your clients as you increase their purchase desire and their eagerness to belong to something bigger.